RHS Gold Medal Winhners


Acer palmatum


Acer Shirasawanum


Acer palmatum

Summer Gold

Answering many of the questions that we are asked during our show season.

Now available by mail order from this web site and at the shows listed on our show dates page.

ISBN 978-0-9932133-0-4 by Larchfield Publications a 132 page (170 colour photos) fully

Illustrated book explaining Propagation, (grafting, cutting, seeds) Repotting, Pruning (branch & root)

Maintenance, Pest & Diseases and some of our trade secrets.

Printed in the UK on 100% Recycled Paper.

The cost per book is £14.95 Free delivery UK mainland.

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Acer palmatum

Amagi shigure

Acer palmatum


Looking Good On The Nursery Today

Japanese Umbrella Pines

(Sciadopitys Verticillata)

Available in 1lt and 8cm pots visit our Umbrella Pine page to purchase

Acer palmatum

Beni maiko

Pseudolarix amabilis

Golden Larch

This slow growing deciduous tree is ideal for pot growing and is the perfect

companion to a display of Japanese maples

Available soon in a 1lt compostable pot from Todd's Botanics